Equipments Giovanni Passarella Ind. Metalurgica

Trying always to get better quality products, it is constantly the preventive maintenance, order and cleanness of the equipment, local of work and lay - out, by our own mechanics or by specialised companies, and security equipment is used by everyone in every single room of the factory; so we believe that in the end everything will be as planed.

We have nacional and imported equipment, always from the best quality and trust available in the worldwide market. Some of our equipment reach the precision of 0.001 mm. Our C.N.C. machines are connected by D.N.C. Wireless, and can be programmed by software CAD/CAN, getting as a result an excellent productivity.

C.N.C machines are interconnected by a Wifi system for transmission of programs.

The equipment also communicates with our ERP providing the status of each service instantly.

Our ERP controls the equipments online.

Check all the equipments, with capacity and brand, in our relation of machines.